Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas? Not here it ain't!

Well, i'd have liked to put up a post about how Manchester's gone all snowy and i've had a lovely time photographing Robins sitting on the nose of a Snowman whilst I ate mince pies and drunk mulled wine. However, since this is the real world, I haven't done anything of the sort. OK, I did have a mince pie! Anyhow, I headed to my local patch to photograph my favourite passerine; the Pied Wagtail. It was a dull day in the pissing rain, meaning I got wet and the camera got wet. Still, as it grew darker I ended up with some reasonable shots...

Anyway, not quite as Christmassy as i'd have liked but probably a fair representation of what Christmas will be like! (I'm a pesimist, by the way).

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