Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Red[start] Mist Decends...

Ah Redstarts. They're one of Britain's prettiest birds, aren't they? Problem is that they live in woods and glades countrywide, they're secretive by nature and have large territories. So photographers have their work cut out by these birds most of the time. We often just watch them flitting from branch to branch high up in the canopy, a flash of red against the dappled green. However, sometimes we get lucky. I was stumbling aimlessly down a derbyshire lane of a morning in late May when one such red streak caught me unawares with camera in my backpack and tripod tied in place. I couldn't stop, so I made a mental note and returned today finding that the bird i'd seen had a nest and a mate. Set up behind a drystone wall I had cracking views of first the male...

then his companion, actually at the nest here...

... On my wall...!

...getting closer...!

Before getting onto the stick I wanted him on...!

Look at all that grub he's got, they're some lucky chicks! Glad he made it through the wet patch along with his whole family, so until next year I thank thee Mr Redstart for brightening up a dull day in June!

And many thanks to a certain Mr Jones for pointing me in the right direction, his blog can be found on the right of this page!

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  1. Great shots Joe - I still haven't seen a Redstart yet.