Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Birds an' the Bees (and the Stoats)

Stoats are small mammals but take prey vastly larger than themselves. Last year I spent a day with these animals watching them playing in the rocks, kits and adults alike. However, this year things have been a little different as the babies have been a lot more cagey. They didn't play out for me, which was a pity as I was there for 7 hours but I did see the adult for a while, hunting amongst the rocks. It wasn't too phased by me, but certainly wasn't as inquisitive as the young'ns are...!

The trick here is high ISO, high shutter-speeds, that way even the fastest action is captured...!

The leap of faith...!

He's on the rocks here...!

..."who's that lookin' at me...?"

But alas this nimble hunter was lost from sight around the bend, in the words of Mr T: "I pity the rabbits". Still, the rather fine Bee Orchids were out, no prizes for why they're named...! well as this interesting Orchid, ID needed, think its either Spotted or Marsh...?

Anyhow, a nice day out with some nice mammals, orchids and a very welcome cake!

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