Sunday, 26 February 2012


Its that time of year again, and my pond is filling with wonderful frogs. Come night I go out and there are over 30 of the little fellas doing...well doing whatever frogs do this time of year. Not everyone likes frogs, they're slimy and jump, enough to put them on my mother's hit list! Still, they appeal to me. However, I doubt this works both ways. As I approach they dive, going under and sneakily coming up deep in vegetation well out of camera range. So i'm clever, I crawl at them. They can't see me over the pond rim, until its too late! Then they just accept me, getting on with the rather physical side of their task to create tadpoles (and feed my dunnocks in the process!). I've had fun over the past few days, here are the results...

...Don't think I can't see you...

I'm sure its just a piggy back...!

Just peeking up...!

A lovely little session with some wonderful animals!

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