Thursday, 23 February 2012

Pearl Before Swine

Thats what my father says, anyway! I spent some time of late in a nameless European city (but for the sake or Realism i'll call it Venice) and had to go a WHOLE WEEK without 'proper' wildlife photography! Well, after I went cold turkey in the first day, I knew that my 400mm which i'd brought but swore not to use in anger, had to come out. Its not that I don't appriciate the lovely architecture and general feel of the city, but my attention span's too small for art galleries and the like! A couple of choice shots...

Black Necked Grebe- Weathering it

Black Headed Gull- There are worse places to pick bins in...

Yellow-legged Gull- Bird of the bins

'Italian' House Sparrow- Got any bread...?

But of course Venice offers some different photos...

Flowers and canal at Sunset (HDR)

Lightstreams from the Rialto

An enjoyable Holiday, all in all!

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