Monday, 19 August 2013

'Le Animaux des Alps'- Fur coats and Handbags

Or 'The Life and Times of Luis Suarez', he's the most obnoxious little bastard at the moment isn't he? Still, let's not dwell on such things, let's move onto an altogether more appealing little not Danny Alexander ('Ginger Rodent', according to Harriet Harman. Pretty funny for an MP to be honest) but the rather adorable Alpine Marmot.

I like to think of them as terrestrial beavers, they're about the same size and have quite a few resemblances in the way the body is made up. They're one of those staples of the upland grasslands, a bit like...err..grass? But they're a bit more dynamic than grass, and they're quite comical at times. Especially with their rather comedic lolloping gait...

Alps 2013_2 032_2

...but the most interesting thing about them is their social structure. They have a matriachal female who breeds on behalf of the group, harrassing the other females into miscarrying (bit grim eh?) so as there's no conflicting interests. They also have sentries too, who'll stay out the burrow and make amazingly loud whistling noises until the others are safely tucked away...

Alps 2013_1 263_2

...and as for any queries as to what they eat...

Alps 2013_2 498_2

...see what I mean about the beaverishness...?

Alps 2013_2 569_2

...and the 'handbags'...

Alps 2013_2 707_2

...and enjoying the vista in the harsh morning's sun...

Alps 2013_2 750_2

...and an amazingly close pair, sitting out on a rock in the afternoon...

Alps 2013_2 633_2 could just cuddle them, couldn't you...?

(but you wouldn't would you? They've probably got icky little lice and rabies and mingin' stuff like that.)

Alpine Marmot- Sitting Pretty

...yea they're pretty awesome animals...

Alps 2013_2 637_2

..but that's yer lot, I can't be bothered editing anymore. So next time we've got some lovely wee boidies for you to look at, cant be having with all these mammals... :)

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