Sunday, 20 January 2013

Free Man

Oh the world of exams has not been kind to me of late, though the world of photography has been. As someone with eyes will have noticed my blog has been filled with Waxwings since November time and i've photographed little else since. It has therefore been surprising how few birds have hit my native Manchester, I have had to get out of town most of the time for my Waxie fix.

Not any more though, i've found (OK been told of) a flock on a bush very close to home, and the last two weekends i've been visiting the bush on my bike in order to pay my respects to the visitors from the north. There's always a good crowd on the corner watching em, so i've enjoyed an acquaintance with a great many people as I watch them descending to have a quick meal. I've also been lucky enough to see them having a drink from the guttering, behaviour i'd heard of but never seen. In short, i've been very lucky.

It is therefore, due to this being a photo blog, customary for me to allow you a look at some choice shots from the site. I must first thank John Harden for keeping the Manchester Birding Forum updated with news of these birds, I was very grateful to be able to be able to launch opportunistic raids on the site so as my revision didn't suffer. Much. Still, here's one breaking that western skyline...

Waxwing- Up Above the World so High

...and one down for a berry...


...which one though...?

Waxwing- Bird of the Berry

...found one...!

Waxwing- Berry Nice!

...In the sun at last...

Waxwing- In the Sun

...and finally, after nearly three months, one on a redbrick backdrop...!

Waxwing- Getting There...

So all in all not a bad few weekend's work! However, it is back to the coal face for one last hurrah in the form of the English exam, so expect a long wait for the next post.

Except no, wait. There are some good causes in this world and some of them are e-petitions which need signing, so get signing...!

Save the Wildlife Crime Unit

Save Worlaby Carrs

Both are excellent causes and require the signatures to prompt a debate in parliament.

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