Sunday, 8 April 2012

What's Black and White but Decidedly Not Red All Over?

Ever since I were a wee kiddiwink wandering pretty clueless in the field of bird ID (long time ago, obviously!), I noticed these little characters. Pied Wagtails are amongst some of the most ubiquitous birds in Greater Manchester, found on almost every hill, on every street and roosting in every awning over every shop, or so it would seem. However, it seems that its taken me the whole of four months to get my desired shots of this little bird. Picture the scene, on the ramparts of an ancient castle in North Wales, the weight of history pressing heavy on me, when I forget all that in favour of this little bird making its way across the precipice towards me! Swivel on the spot, lens extended, parameters set and lying on the floor I wait until it enevitiably turns round, but it doesn't. I fire off a volley, surely its time to go, but no. It starts preening, and I keep shooting. I believe they call this Symbiosis...

Then its time for a clean...

Think that puts Pied Wagtails to bed, next up...Yellow Wagstails! (I'm full of variation like that)

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  1. Some great shots of smashing lil bird in there!