Thursday, 29 March 2012

Another Grey Day

My birthday was last weekend! 16. wow. That heralds an age of small CC motorised vehicles, army joining and apparrently I can now legally get married! However, in real world terms all this has done is taken my eligibility for childs-fare public transport away, which is a shame. Still, a nice treat in these shots of a lovely Grey Wagtail on the River Tame in east Manchester. The bird did sit on my head briefly, but did see sense and go onto the rocks near me and my now one-year-old sigma 120-400mm...!

This is a proper manc wagtail, sitting on a broken bumper midstream...!

and in for the best shots of the day...?

So goodbye stupidly cheap wanderings up to Leighton Moss for under a tenner, goodbye pointless and prolonged wanderings in North Wales and hello to a very light birding schedule, for alas the exam season is upon me and I can do little but grit my teeth and get down to it! Still, after that things are lookin' up. Briefly.

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