Sunday, 22 January 2012


I simply wish to show what lovely birds Goldfinches are. I've been watching 'my' birds, a group of 5, for a few weeks now. Over this period i've moved the perches nearer the position I watch from, until finally I had them within a 5m radius. This was a test really of the camera's capacity for low light low apature shooting, and boy did it work, got some of my best Goldie images yet...!

Goldfinch- In the sun


Goldfinch- Don't look down!

Goldfinch- Look out

And a sunset over suburban manchester...

Sunset over Sale

See? Its not all bad when you're stuck in the house all day reading up on what seems every subject under the sun!


  1. Nice shots Joe. Must be difficult, when the real subject is out there waiting for you and your camera. Keep it going mate.

  2. Terrific shots Joe, very crisp and sharp. A good read.