Saturday, 29 October 2011

This is a first- My best so far...

Well apparrently I have a blog. Wow. I once heard blogging described as 'never have so many people had so much to say about so little'. I have too much to say about everything, i'll stick to birding for now. I'm from that lovable little town nestling at the foot of the pennines, Manchester. I try and get out as much as possible as well, all praise the rail network for helping me do so! Therefore, some of my best photography comes from outside my home town. My favourite place?  Scotland, particularly around Inverness, where I have family. However, I thought it'd be best to kick off with some of my best images, which are quite crap considering I only touched a camera less than 2 years ago, and I only got a DSLR in March 2011. Anyway here goes...

I took this in the Farne Islands in May this year, I was sick of all the bloody Puffins! This is RSPB Young Photographer of the year winning photo.

 I said I liked scotland. Taken atop a Munro summit, battling low light and bitter winds, hands freezing up, this is how photography should be.

 I was just lucky with this one. Merlin, Isle of May, sitting 500 yards away on a stone. A long and knackering crawl over and I was within shooting distance! Amazing bird.

I love a good Wader, and this rather lovely individual from the Dee Estuary is just gorgeous. Taken mid-september this year.

Well, I missed them in Scotland this year, so this beaut from the Great Orme near to Conwy was a Godsend. A young bird, with lovely crisp plumage on the back.

Anyway, next time i'll find something actually worth writing about, rather than just a collection of loosely connected images.

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